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Markus Domnick


I am a TINKERER...mad thinker with no specific aim, wrong chosen profession and little time. I construct all 3D objects to date with SketchUp. And with my Ultimaker2 (self-modified) I create physical objects from biopolymers. Everything makes sure a lot of fun. But I can, for none of my objects / projects, make a functional guarantee. My Opinion: So far I do not use any predesigned modules in my projects because I am constantly learning to construct. Object modules are not very helpful if you want to understand the functionality of the software, or one of the construction tools it contains. Of course, I have not reinvented existing objects. For example, I reconstructed screws or profiles as far as possible by measurements, and then inserted them in my projects. Anyway, almost everything you can get from me as a download was created in loving manual work as precisely as possible. The time required for this is secondary, as it is a great hobby for me. Feedback is very desirable. So I am happy if you give me a few lines. And if you like one of my objects very much, and you use it regularly, then surely a LIKE is enough to say thank you. But if it is even possible for you to give a small donation, then this could help me find my way into the world of professional design. But it would be even better if you might have to offer a small job that goes in the direction mentioned :-) Thank you for your visit and interest. Markus Domnick (mnis)


3D printing, CAD, CNC, DIY, Electronics, Functional testing, Gadgets, Gaming, Machining, Mechanical Engineering, Prototyping, Soldering

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    Current: - Ultimaker 2 ... bought immediately after release, sometime near 2013. Also today 2018 it is still my very first and only 3D printer in top condition with almost daily use. - The use of biopolymers as the only printing material is important to me. - The machine is modified, similar to the later released Ultimaker 2+ - I use dual-head with currently 0.4 / 04mm stainless steel nozzles. The main purpose of the second nozzle at the moment is solely to create a thin first PLA layer as an ideal primer for problematic adhering HT-PLA. - The unfortunately extremely poor original Ultimaker material feeders were replaced very early by a self-constructed material feeder with similar functionality, which I used a few years satisfied. Now I use 2 pieces Bondtech QRv3 Universal Dual Drive extruder with geared stepper motors. - A X-Vision from AeroCool efficiently cools the motherboard and all stepper motors. This keeps the machine in a moderate temperature range during the entire operating time. - I have modified the design of the original engine covers so that passive ventilation is guaranteed, and if needed 40mm fans can be used for active cooling. For example, I use a semi-transparent filament for the motor covers as a small side effect and LED strips are fixed inside, so you can look a bit through the walls :-)