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Contributed on Airbus A220-100 - Modern Jet Airplane - 1:144 almost 2 years ago
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I did print this model on my Formbot Vivedino T-Rex 3 Dual extruder with rPETG from efikeco.com at 0,2 mm. Result is impressive.
Excellent design from Clerx. Make printing and assembly very easy. Minimum work to do to separate parts from supports. Parts fit perfect together. In my photo, no glue was used, only little pressure to make the assembly. Thank you Clerx.
Commented on Airbus A220-100 - Modern Jet Airplane - 1:144 almost 2 years ago
What a nice design ! As a structural technical trainer for more than 30 years I am retired from Bombardier since 2013 and most of my time is spent on 3D printing and airbrushing. I still have my people networrk at BA/Airbus and I am sure they will be very interrested to have print on this model for there office. So, is it possible to get a kind of lisence to produce and sale these Airbus A220-100 with your name on it. You can see my realisation on etsy.ca seaching for morlau3dprint. Thank you in advance. Laurent Morency
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