Nathan John Davidson has just reached the peak of his life at 32. He’s taken his entrepreneurship to the next level by starting a Supercheap Storage franchise in Newcastle! Originally born in Mudgee, New South Wales, but his family moved to Newcastle when he was a young child and he has lived here ever since! It’s safe to say that Nathan is very familiar with the area and the surroundings here and he definitely enjoys jogging and keeping fit, running through the neighbour and the outskirts in the outdoors. Besides that, he also enjoys winter sports like snowboarding and skiing and takes the time to travel to the slopes to literally chill out when he can. But when Nathan is in town, he will definitely be seen working hard at setting up his new business in the storage industry. Having grown up in the area, he spotted a need for self storage services and realised that this was his opportunity to bring a useful service to the area! The challenge of being in a business and working for himself continues to excite him and he made the decision to move on from his construction business of 15 years and set up his own Supercheap Storage facility!

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