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Span2 luke arm

Keith Violette


<p>Husband, Dad, Maker, Inventor, Mechanical Designer, Machinist, Woodworker, Mechanic, Author, etc.</p>


3D design, 3D printing, 3d modelling, CAD, CNC, DIY, Design, Designer, Gadgets, Machining, Makerbot, Mechanical Engineering, Product Design, Prototyping, Soldering, Solidworks, Ultimaker2, Woodworking, creativity, education, laser cutting, metal working, robotics

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    Ultimaker 2

    Ultimaker 2

    Used to print almost anything


Commented on Lego Rocketman almost 5 years ago
I will have to print this guy and launch him in my rocket adapter: https://www.youmagine.com/designs/lego-spaceman-rocket-adapter
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Published Replacement Honda Key Housing (unofficial) about 5 years ago
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