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A reactionary paper in the simplest term is simply a response paper with a bit of twist in a formal book review, article or an artwork. In most cases, one expects that a reactionary paper is supposed to be written in first person point of view. The use of phrases such as “I believe” or “I thought” is exemplary. What is a reactionary paper? New freshmen students are not conversant with such kind of paper and are liable to make terrible mistakes if not guided. A reactionary paper is a special kind of review on a book or an article where a student is assigned to observe specific items on the paper and he/she is allowed to add personal impressions concerning the book or article. In writing a reactionary paper, it is important to: Observe or read the book/article for initial understanding. This helps the writer to get a gist of what the book/article talks about and prompts one on the impression that the individual is supposed to write about.


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