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Reminds me of my old BAYKO building set that my mother gave away when I joined the army thinking I wouldn't want it. How stupid mothers can be sometimes!!! Have a look for BAYKO building sets in google and you will get what I am on about. It was totally modular and could be used to create some stunning designs.
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Bitte geben Sie Informationen für Wicklungen
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Translation: Parts for a Small Wind Turbine (D = 33 cm) axis: radial bearing (D = 16 mm exterior, interior D = 5 mm) wings, nose and hub are connected with M4x53mm screws: 5 mm threaded rod stock. Next Part: Disc Generator
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HI its actually a grotesque as gargoyle's have a water spout in their mouth it's where we get the word gargle from the same French root word for throat. Grotesques are ornaments where gargoyles serve the purpose of getting rainwater away from the walls of the building. I don't suppose you want water all over your desk, so its best to have a grotesque there. Sorry for being pedantic.
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Love to sign up for this project as a beta tester but register takes you to a Bad Gateway.  I was actually thinking of designing a chair today made out of packing cartons with printed joiners and corners etc. and then I found this.  wouldn't it be good to make a whole suite. Lounge, Dining hey even bedroom and bathroom. Great if your moving house (which was why I was thinking about the packing cartons) you just break it down shove them in bags or small boxes and have a jigsaw puzzle party at the other end.
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Hi Joshua, Love the device (not printed or built yet but will do) and just having had a quick scan of the paper I can definitely say that it is much more useful than just checking the quality of drinking water. With the inclusion of the tests listed in Limitations of Future Work para 2 last line. It would be well utilised in the area of subsistence aquaculture and aquaponics as well, helping to provide communities with both safe water and quality food. Had you considered conductivity as a test? As an Aquaculture technologist just completing my masters in Envt Management and sustainability Water Resources I am very interested in and hoping for success in this projects future. Keep up the good work. Peter
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what is it ? what does it do ? Why would we want to print it ? all good questions unanswered in the description.
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