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<p>&nbsp;There is truth and beauty in a perfect machine. When there is no way to make it stronger or simpler it is perfect and you know it. I'm currently working on perfecting the home built 3D printer. I can't stand the flaws that are built into most designs. I work odd hours, I have a really messy lab but I make perfect objects in it. My first printer is Monkey Shit Fight. It's a monster of Kevlar and plywood but I'm proud of it. Monkey Shit Fight 2 is about half built It's going to be slim and beautiful.<br></p>


3D modeling, 3D printing, Design, Linux, Prototyping, Sketching, sketchup

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    Ultimaker 2

    Monkey S#*t Fight

    This is my RepStrap. If I could add a picture here I would. If I could change the printer model to "Other", "Homebuilt", "Repstrap" or "Reprap" I would.