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Thomas Beck

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Germany based vfx, design and programming company that uses purely open source to make your ideas come to life

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Commented on umo mod: IRobertI's feeder on UMO v4.0 almost 4 years ago
It's really really silent - used the newest version with the fan dumpers and can't hear anything from the feeder anymore. Thanks a lot for your effort and this design! Amazing!
Followed UMO Mods almost 4 years ago
Commented on Reptar XY! - Version Two about 4 years ago
Same question as Lyle LeBlanc ... where are the limit switch addons? Dd you forgot to include them? How did you solve it?
Favored Open Rod end cap for UMO about 4 years ago
Favored Ultimaker Original Rod Spacer about 4 years ago