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<p>Printed Dreams arises from the pursuit of dreams and the need of making it real. Born in 2010, a dream pursued by an engineer and the necessity of express a project from an architect.<br> <br> In our first steps emerges the knowledge and application of this innovatively technology, for this we acquired different existing printers from the market; we investigate and compare its technology, software, and the applications of 3D world. We were looking for the "Know-How" and with that, acquired after 2 years of research, it currently became our distinguishing mark.<br> <br> The team of Printed Dreams is composed of experts from different sectors; specialized in diverse fields of 3D printing, providing a contrast of opinions among people with international experiences showing a more global and comparative vision of the areas. But above everything, it is a group of dreamers and entrepreneurs who seek to put their two cents in change because, as well as us, any profession and/or element can be reinvent, generating new opportunities.<br> <br> The mission of Printed Dreams is to bring technology closer to everybody. So we focus on the service sector, allowing anyone to use this technology without technical skills and looking for the dream of every person, which can be easily realized with printing 3D and with Printed Dreams' help.<br> <br> "Know us in further profoundness in this video and please contact us as we want to meet yo<br></p>

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