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Chris Perotti

  • Joined on Mar 09, 2018
  • Atlanta, GA & Bristol, CT


Suffered a severe SCI at 20 and picked up my first printer to print cheap adaptive equipment for myself and just took off from there. Fast forward to now I’m designing/producing adaptive equipment for every day tasks and creating/prototyping new inventions for all walks of life!


3D Printing/ Design, AutoCAD, Creative Problem Solving, Mechanical Engineering, Prototyping, Soldering

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  • Prusai 3
    Reprap prusai3 small

    Prusai 3

    MP Select V2

    Love love love my Prusa i3 MMU, I just couldn’t resist this thing for the price and size. After a few easy/printable mods it’s actually a better quality post print then my MB Replicator+ And 1/10th the price!

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