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Shiny Christmas Tree

A small but fun Christmas ornament, that you can make at home. Just follow the attached instructions, and have fun!

This design consists of three pieces: The tree top, the trunk and the base. I suggest printing the tree top in a transparent filament, so that you get a more colorful effect!

Recommended settings:

- Base: 2 shells, 20% infill, supports enabled, no raft

-Trunk: 2 shells, 10% infill, supports enabled, no raft

-Tree top: 2 shells, 15% infill, linear pattern, supports enabled, no raft

Knowing that there are Makers all over the world, I am attaching the SolidWorks file for the base, so that you can write the text that you want. There's enough space to write two different phrases on the base, one for each half of the circular shape.

If you don't have SolidWorks or don't want to edit the file, I can upload an alternate file with the text you want. Just leave a comment! ;)

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