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Filament Spool Holder for Felix 3D Printers

This design is an adaptation for FelixRobotics Felix 3d printers (v.1.0-3.0). I originally designed it for the OpenBeam KosselPro printer:

The central parts are the 2 cones that run on the cf rod and can be moved on the axis to adapt for different spool sizes. All parts are designed to be assembled by just press fitting them together. Only the cf rod should be glued with epoxy to the holder. Of course the mechanism can be used on different printer models by just designing another holder for the axis. I used titanium grease from Hanseline on the rod holder and the slot in the arm to make the rod holder easier to remove, e.g. when the printer needs to be transported. To fix the arm holder I use a 6mm security pin.

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