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Treasure chest with working hinge

Edit 22/2: Added some more printer specifications and the .obj, .max & .3ds files

This is a 3d-model for little treasure chest or for any other type of chest you'd like.

This chest comes with a fully working hinge and can be printed in one go.

Printing specifications
- This model has been successfully printed with an Ultimaker with a v1 extrusion head. You won't need to use retraction.
- Minimum print-size is 40% of the supplied model. Smaller than that and the hinges no longer work.
- Sadly enough you will need to use an infill of 5%. We're still working around this issue. If you don't use infill, you get something like the last picture.
- We recommend printing with a wall thickness of 1.2mm.
- Z-resolution at 0.1m
- Everything else just the default ultimaker setup.
- No support is needed. Rafting might be an option if you wish to have the bottom side to look less flat.
- Heated bed is recommended only for aesthetic purposes. Warping won't affect functionality.

trying to make the hinges work, be sure to remove any excess material.
Force it a little but not too much. Use a bit of love.

If you'd like a custom crest on your chest, we can provide you one for a small fee.

Your email is used to contact you if we need more information.

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