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Ultimaker 2 Ornament!

For me, the Making Merry contest and 3-D printing in general,are all about enjoying the machines. Regardless of whether there is a $2000 or a $400 machine, everyone can get together and talk about how to improve their 3-D printer as well as show off what they as an individual can give back to the community. This sharing of open source 3-D printers and models has what allowed the industry to grow as big as it is today.

So this is what I am giving to the world, a 5.5:1 scale of the Ultimaker 2. I made this not only because it is the prize of the contest, but because It is a beautiful machine and because I saw it as a challenge to model.

It prints as three separate parts, the body of the printer, the extrude with the x and y axes, and the front panel with the ultimaker logo. Slide the front x-axis rod into the back of the utlimaker panel(so that the extruder nozzle is on the left side), then snap all parts into place and slide the logo down into place.

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