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Makey Eggmass

Last Updated 2015-12-15

The egg is a one-piece print with 18 hinges and a screw mechanism
to control the opening of the ornament. There are some cool
techniques in this model that I would like to show you in detail.

The usage is very simple: Print the egg in one piece, grab a coin and
open the egg gently.  The first time you open the egg there are 18
SmartBridges that will break (it makes a pretty cool sound, if I say so
myself). Then you need to screw your coin clockwise to open it.

The first time it will be a bit rough (don't worry, it won't break), but afteronce having been opened and closed, it will open and close easily.

Print Instructions:

This model is printed on a Replicator 2 with standard settings.
LayerHeight: 0.2mm.
No Raft - No Support.

If you use another slicer then you need to make sure that the bottom
layer is at 100% or less.


I haven't seen this technique before, that’s why I named it so - hopefully I
am the first one :-). The concept is very simple. To create a horizontal
one-piece hinge, I've added a small bridge of about 0.4mm right beneath
the hinge. Once the hinge is getting moved, the support bridge breaks
and the hinge is free to move.

See images for more detail.


A stencilWall is a simple way to add some color to your print.
It's a tight layer around your models with some shape in it. This way it
can be sprayed easily. I also created a seam in the wall for easy

See images for more detail.

unfinished time-lapse

I would like to thank:

Makezine: For making this contest happen, of course.
Ultimaker: For support.
3DHubs for connecting designers and 3d printers.
JATMN ,Sybren_Zwetsloo, 3Dvangelist for test-printing my design and providing the necessary feedback to make the model usefull on different printers

3Dvangelist tested the print on a Da Vinci PRO
LayerHeight: 0.2mm.
No Raft - No Support.

JATMN tested the print on a Wanhao Duplicator 4 using Simplify3D
LayerHeight: 0.2mm.
Infill: 20%
No Raft - No Support.

Sybren_Zwetsloo tested the print on a ultimaker 2
LayerHeight: 0.2mm.
Infill: 20%
No Raft - No Support.

Since the design is egg-shaped, you can also use it for next Easter
(saves you material and time).

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