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LED Christmas Tree Ornament

This christmas tree can be a very simple decoration for your house and you can do it yourself in a few steps. In the tree is a capacitor and an LED that is powered by a wireless apple watch charger. I had the idea of powering something wirelessly by the apple watch charger, so I made it come to life in this christmas decoration. A wire is made into a coil and connected to an LED and capacitor that helps the led shine brighter. The tree itself is a simple design that I "voronized" to look like a real tree. The bottom part is a stand for the tree itself and the charger. You coil the wire in to the little piece that fits inside the tree. I did this Project for the Make Magazine Holiday Ornament Challenge. 

There are two versions of the tree one with voroni effect, I used the website to convert my original design.

There shouldn't be a problem but the circuit might harm your charger so try it at your own risk. I didn't have an issue with it anyways.


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