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Christmas Tree with Train

This ornament is great for people with a tree or without. It can be a hanging ornament or it can be its own tree, complete with lighting and a moving train! Makey rides around the Christmas tree in the coal car behind a miniature locomotive. You will be able to run the train by turning the star if you hang the ornament using knots to secure each end of the string within the holes. Or hold the tree still while the ornament is set on a flat surface. (Set it flat for the smoothest ride.)
  If you want to light the tree from within, a pocket is printed into the base to hold an LED taped to a 12mm 3V button cell. (Running the train will also cause the light to turn around inside the tree, for additional interest.)
  You can also light the tree by inserting a Christmas tree light through a hole in the base.
  The rectangular hole in the base is shaped so that the tab of the post fits best if the star faces toward Makey.

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