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8-Trick Makey Ornament

The Makey robot ornament with glowing eyes and moving part! Check out my video to see it in action:

Using inspiration from the Makey Robot, I created this ornament with sever cool features: 1. Print in place: it's all one part with no supports or assembly needed! 2. The arms can move. 3. Moving the arms bobs the head up and down 4. Moving the head, also waves the arms! 5. The head can also twist around 360 degrees 6. The head can extend out of the body! 7. A loop on the head to hang on the tree 8. Last but not least, a hole to insert a traditional Christmas tree light that MAKE THE EYES GLOW!!! (Please be gentle when inserting and removing small Christmas lights!)
I printed this model with 0.2mm layer height. Gently twist the head, as the print may be lightly fused hot off the printer. Try different christmas light colors in the head, as the light absorption and glow effect may differ depending on your plastic color. 
Special thanks to Make Magazine and YouMagine for this MakingMerry contest! Robot insparation from the Makey Robot:

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