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Xmas hanging mobile

Here you can find a lot of stars, flakes and geometric designs to be 3D printed for decorations or hanging mobiles.
I wanted some sleek and elegant Xmas decorations for Xmas, but wanted it to be fast and easy to print (for example one set of 9 stars take 50min to print)
Discover the designer in you: With basic knowledge of Blender, you can design your own beautiful shapes easily with the Blend file attached as it is explained in this video:

Even the Make logo can be changed into beautiful star !
The hooks can be slided on the hangers to find the equilibrium point.
Best printed at 0.2mm layer height, with a Zpause at 0.45mm to change the color of the filament.
Can be printed with glow in the dark filament for even better effects.
A glass bed gives nicer result with a very shiny surface, and there should be no warping problem.

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