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(3D) Printing Around the Christmas Tree

This is my submission for the #MakingMerry Christmas Ornament contest. This ornament has a number of unique features, including a rotating "stage" that all the characters rotate around. Using emmett's awesome gear bearing for the mechanism, this enables the tree to rotate in one direction while the characters dance around and spin at a different pace.

Video of this in action is available here:

A closer look at the mechanism here:

Unfortunately I did not have time to print this yet at local MakerSpace. Fingers crossed that the parts are carefully mating with proper tolerance, the bottom rounded dome or flat bottom dome (option) twists onto the stage gears and should lock into place.  All of the hex shafts also have a slot for a printed c-clip to hold them into place.  When I do print it  I plan to use translucent filament and working to add something like a neopixel ring inside the tree.

Note that the stage platforms for the spinning characters  (hexpin/disc) is a separate STL.  You can either print them separately as needed and affix them together or print them with supports and include the item on top.  Unless you have a dual extruder, you may wish to color match these items so I kept them separate.  This design is also very flexible, if you have your own characters you want to put in there, you can.  There is also a straight hex pin included in case you want to affix directly to a character without the disc/platform below it.

I had a lot of fun creating this and the possibilities are limited only by imagination.
The openscad and inkscape files will be shared when I have a moment to clean them, as they are a bit of a mess racing to the deadline for entry. Enjoy, Happy Holidays and Happy Making/Printing to all!

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