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Interchangeable Holiday Ornament - MakingMerry

Here is my submission to the MakingMerry holiday ornament contest. Going into this contest, I wanted to create a simple holiday ornament that integrated a light source in some way. I began breaking out my breadboard and came up with a basic circuit, but it required 2 AAA or 2 AA batteries. I started to realize how heavy the model would get with two batteries configured inside of the print, so I started thinking again. I realized that lights on the tree would be a simple yet effective way of creating a nice light source without soldering or having external batteries. I started to think about how I could really include a bunch of stuff into one ornament and came up with this great idea of having an interchangeable top, so different days you could have different colors or different designs. I own a Printrbot Simple but wanted a two color ornament so the interchangeable top idea really started to justify itself in my head so I then started to design in Solidworks. The two tops feature my version of the Makey, which includes a Santa hat and two presents, because this season is all about giving. The next top is a holiday tree. I hope you enjoy my submission and have as much fun viewing this and printing it as it was for me to design it and print it myself!

Please use your host software to print these models upright. The Tree and Makey should be standing up, and the base circle should be flat. Thanks
 Printer Settings:  
Printrbot Simple 1405
Speed: 35mm/s
Temperature: 200 C
Infill: 15%  No support or raft, but recommended on Makey top

Set up: 
Screw on top to base
Stick light all the way up into the top
Add a bead of hot glue onto the bottom to hold the light in place

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