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A warming fireplace on your tree

The 3D print:

This is a two piece 3d print. In the STL I've included a rough approximation of a Raspberry Pi B+ with a 2.8" Adafruit TFT LCD screen which you should remove before printing. You'll want to use M2.5 press fit brass inserts to mount your Raspberry Pi to the backing plate.   You'll need to drill a single hole in fire place piece to route the USB power cable.  

Version 1.1 (in progress and coming very soon) will include a bezel and all three piece will snap together with routing for power. If/when I get a zero I'll include a zero style print.

The electronics:

This is a Raspberry Pi B+ with a 2.8" Adafruit TFT lcd mounted.  The Raspberry Pi is running Raspbian with a single bash script to start the fireplace video on boot. I've used a creative commons video pulled from Youtube and then converted with Handbrake to a 320x244 resolution.

The Raspberry Pi foundation has a great tutorial on installing Raspbian which I won't go over but you can read here:

As well Adafruit has a FANTASTIC tutorial on getting the screen connected here:

You can stop the tutorial once you've successfully played the Big Buck Bunny video.

Creating a script to start the video on boot and loop it infinitely:

Login to the Raspberry pi and run the following: "sudo nano /etc/init.d/"

Now copy in the following code:


sudo SDL_VIDEODRIVER=fbcon SDL_FBDEV=/dev/fb1 mplayer -vo sdl -framedrop -loop 0 /home/pi/fireplaceforpi.mp4

You can press ctrl + o to write out the changes to the file.  Press ctrl+x to exit nano.  Then run "chmod 777 /etc/init.d/" to let Raspbian execute the script on boot.
Finally run "sudo update-rc.d defaults" .  This will tell the init system to execute on boot.

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