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Flash stand

A friend of mine asked if i had a flash stand he could borrow, so i designed and printed him one :-)

Prints without support if your printer bridges reasonably well, print with top-side down to get the hot-shoe mount as clean as possible.

Three versions included:
- Plain (just a plain stand)
- Printed thread (added a printed 1/4-20" tripod thread, works great!)
- Hexnut (added a recess for inserting a 1/4-20" hex nut)

I have not printed the hexnut version since the printed thread worked out so well for me and i did not have any nuts in the right size at home, please tell me if there is any problems with that version.

I printed this with 1.2mm perimeter, top and bottom, and 30% infill.

I used a 2,5mm drill to clean up the locking hole.

Source files:
Plain version:
With printed tripod thread:
Henut version:

Photo by Björn Larsson,

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