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LED Cube jig and stand

This thing is a jig and stand for the LED kits available from Aliexpress (

The jig is used to line up the LED faces so that you end up with a square cube at the end of the build.

The stand is eh...a stand.


Print in ABS and acetone weld the parts together, or use PLA and SuperGlue (which is what I used on this build).

Because of the board layout on the supplied kit, I didn't mount the power input socket on the board, instead gluing it to a more convenient place on the rear stand leg, and running leads from the socket to the PCB.

In the pictures you can see that after mounting the board, I pushed stiff conductive wire through the holes into the anode receptacles on the PCB - in retrospect, if I assembled this kit again, I wouldn't bother with the receptacles, I would just push the LED anode legs straight into the PCD and solder them in place.

I also found it useful to glue the switch cover in place on the PCB mounted switch before mounting the board.

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