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Cat gears key chain

It was inspired by my cat, and the screwless cube gears that people always like to play with. And someone totaly energic about the cube gears print.
I wanted something that people could still play with and be inspired by, but that would also fit in your pocket.

* Print the Gear 3 times. This gear is tiny and tricky to print.
* Print the Knob once.
* Print the CenterGear once with Cura and the PauseAtZ plugin. Pause at 2.4mm
* During the pause add the knob to the already printed part.
* Print the case with the PauseAtZ plugin, pause at 5.5mm.
* During the pause insert the gears and the knob with center gear.
* Have fun.
* Try it again, this usually requires a few tries, this is a tricky print.

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