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Bulldog XL Mount for UM2 Ultimaker 2

Print the mount in whatever material and color you want. I used Hatchbox Black PLA @ 50% infill and 3 perimeters/shells and 3 top/bottom layers. I used Simplify3D to do the slicing @ .15mm layer thickness and printed with support. The best results will come with the motor face part down against the bed. It took about 2 hours to print on a Prusa i3 @ 40mm/sec.

To wire up the motor to the original UM2 board I cut off the original extruder motor wires about 75mm from the board connector. I added my own connector in case I wanted to put the original back on again. 
Wire it up like this: 
UM2 --------------------------- Bulldog XL 
Black -------------------------- Brown 
Green ------------------------- Red 
Red ---------------------------- Yellow 
Blue --------------------------- Blue 

 You will need to change the steps/mm for the extruder to 495. You can do this by downloading the latest version of Tinkergnome firmware here:

Open up Cura and goto Machine->Install Custom Firmware and select the TinkerGnome firmware .HEX you downloaded.

Then on the UM2, Advanced->Preferences->Motion Settings->Axis Steps/mm and change the value for E to 495.
-EDIT: Forgot to add the support bracket for the planetary. 
-Take the extruder apart, remove the black spacer and replace with this one. 
-Now it will have the proper support on the back end of the motor assembly.

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