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X axis belt tensioner mod

This part complements the x end idler from prusa i3 rework and allows you to pull the belt without using a screwdriver. It also reduces the load on the axis Z rods.

STL files generated for Prusa i3 rework. The distance between the terminals X-axis is 45 mm. You can adjust them for yourself if you want. Open attached fcstd files in FreeCAD.

How to build
1. Print plastic parts.
2. Cut M6 thread for bolts in the brace belt tensioner .
3. Trim the head M3 screws to form a square

4. Insert the M3 screw in the thumb wheel and secure with glue or heat.

5. Set the item in the printer. Adjust the gap between brace belt tensioner and x end idler (M6 bolts rest on the X axis rods).

Design based on by ffleurey

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