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USB microscope holder with fine adjustment

A stand for a USB microscope (approx 35mm in diameter).
Easy to print, really accurate and does not need hardware made of unobtainium.

It offers coarse height adjustment and a fine focus (height) adjustment by a big handwheel (0,5mm / turn).
The fine adjustment is supported by a ball bearing so it is really smooth.
This allows to get a very accurate focus and take very good pictures.

The coarse adjustment is made with flexure clamps so the surface of the square tube is not scratched (for smooth motion).

I hold everything together with super glue (permanent bond) and hot glue (if I need to dismantle some parts)
All printed parts will come out nicely at 0,15mm layer without any support.

The thumbwheels and the big handwheel are made this way: Print the models as they are, screw the threaded rod or the screws through the holes almost to the end (should be tight but not too much) and put a drop of super glue on the threads before screwing all the way in.
The cavities around the bearing and the main nut are meant for hot glue, but you can use super glue everywhere if you are sure you will never need to disassemble.

The microscope is clamped with a rubber band.

I also share my source files (as in "open SOURCE"). These are for Solidworks 2014. I also put a Step file if you want to open and modify the design in any other 3d CAD program.

I do not have any good pictures of the finished product but I already made and used it and it works like a charm! (design tested and approved, just go ahead!)
If you have another size of microscope you will just need to make another "clamp" part that fits your microscope (or whatever you want to use it for).

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