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Geared Addon (inspired on Meduzas 'bolt-on' geared feeder.

Version 'Metal' (beta) at

A Geared addon for my extruders. I use UM2 feeder motor 0.9º on my UMO+ with MK7, my esteps with this on where 478.5 (divide /2 for 1.8º motors)

Btw you might need to set the motor on reverse to make this work on a UM2. On umo/umo+ you might need a different kind of grip that the ones on the photos or the IRobertI feeder would hit the wood. Long story short.

The Gear ratio it's 2.36:1 and I generated the gears using

The design it's based on the Meduza "bolt-on" geared feeder upgrade for UM2:

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