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Rail Mounting System for DC Components

RMSDC is a rail mounting system for low power DC components like the ones often used with Arduino and RPi projects. Each piece can be joined with small (~3mm) zip ties to quickly assemble a functional hardware interface for a project. I have uploaded the basic pieces that I have already printed and proofed, but more will be on the way.

Each hole is ~3mm in diameter, with the holes center point being 4mm from any edge, and 8mm from the next holes center point. Once I am finished with version 1 of this system, I may post the sketches for each part.
Each side rail can be joined to another side rail if it is flipped. This way you can expand the system to be as large as you want (within reason). When attaching the angle brackets, use a 2x2 joiner to fill in the gab on the rear of the side rail, this will make the assembled unit much stronger.

I highly recommend printing each part on a raft. No supports should be needed if each part is oriented properly in your slicer.

Upcoming Parts:
Arduino Mounting Plate (Will be in two halves much like the LCD Bracket)
Toggle Switch Mounting Plate

Read more about the RMSDC system here:

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