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Project Hell : Car support for Nexus 7 (2012) - Audi A3 Sportback 8P

ATTENTION! Stay alert, hands on the wheel and don't use your device while driving!!
This holder can bring your nexus 7 next to you! You will be able to have it next to you during your long trips and get your navigation maps or even car parameters! (you must get the appropriate apps). The tablet is huge for best map reading, not on the windshield so that you see the road!Don't hesitate to ask your questions!

For the printing, be aware that the TabletteSupport has some support material that are difficult to remove. Take care of you car by adding some tape on the Car_interface_DOWN to prevent scratches as the PLA/ABS can be sharp.
You can even improve the Car_Interface_UP to improve stability of the TabletteSupport or put some PLA spare material to hold the tablet if you don't have a case. You can check the case used for the support on the last picture.

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