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2.4Ghz Antenna building tools (Cloverleaf and SPW)

You need 1 bending tool and 3(CL) or 4(SPW) of the solder tools. Print the solder tools upside down. Glue 3 or 4 of the solder tools together to make a pyramid.

I should probably make a tutorial video, but I'm to lazy. So here is a short description:

Bend a 0,8mm copper or welding wire(steel with copper plating) according to the 1-2-3 steps on the first tool.leave 1-2cm of extra wire on each side.
1 is the edge of the tool.
2 is the pole which adds the bend to the wing.
3 adds the bends to solder the ends to the cable.
LH means left hand RH means right hand circulating.

The wire should follow the edge of the slope.

You should end up with one wing of the antenna.

Place all the wings in the second tool according to LH and RH. Cut 1mm of a 1,5mm brass pipe and put it over the middle wires (the ones that get soldered to the signal line. Cut the wires.
Add the signal line and solder everything together.

Cut the outer wires, which will be soldered to the hull, 4mm after the bend. Tack them to the hull with solder. Use a thin copper wire (e.g. strand of a flexible cable) and wrap it around the tacked wires. Add more solder.

Your antenna is ready.

Feel free to ask me questions if you didn't understand my description.

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