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Faberdashery spool-er

Use V2 Versions, Youmagine don't allows me to remove the old files...

New addon to use a allen screw tip (I can't remember the size but well...) Anyhow, with this new addon for the Formfutura spools (symmetric 4 points spool holes) you will be able to spool the stuff with the screwdriver/drill on other (more confortable) position. At least it helps me with my back problems :)

I made this to be able to spool the loose filament faster, I know many people like the filament loose, but I don't.

There are two mounts, one for faberdashery spools (4 symmetric holes on the mid-center plastic) and Colorfabb (3 asymmetric holes). Also works with Smartmaterials pla plastic and probably much others.

I made this for the 100m packs of Faberdashery 1.75mm filament, using the

Updated Files V2.

- Grip for screw bits (so you can use a electric screw driver)
- Swap-able. Insert a m3 and screw it from the bottom to the Base-addon. 

A bit more stronger design.

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