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Fallout 4 Mini Nuke - Redicubricks

Here's a guestblog we wrote on the Ultimaker blog about the mini nuke:

A mini nuke based on fallout 4 fat man ammo. requires no support, mostly snap fit. 183mm tall. Efficient design with minimal material use. Can be used as a planter. :D

Visit here for more pictures:

This is the fully enclosed bomb shell, no cross section.

You can support us by purchasing a kit at if you don't have your own printer.

0% Infill on all parts except where specified.
~35 - 40mm/s
Use a brim on the thin parts if required.

If your printer can manage it, for best results:

40 microns
25% infill

60 microns

Frame _body_no_pegs.STL
90 microns

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