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I created this little cutlery design concept.

In around 15/25/30 minutes you can have this design printed out and ready to use.

You can either use it flat as it comes out of the printer (knife/fork), or trow it into some boiling water and shape it a bit more, so you can add the spoon function in there as well, next to ergonomically shaping it more towards fitting it into your hand. Besides, it gives the object that bit more strength.

Just use an existing spoon, press the hot PLA (that you trew into some boiling water for a short moment) in the mould and within a few seconds the shape will freeze.*

I created a S (small), M (medium) and L (large) version.

The S-version is the smaller, slimmer teaspoon version, while the M version is a bit wider. The L-version is wider and taller.


* the reason I do this is because you will always have a rough surface using supports. This simple action gives you a clean surface.


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