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Han Solo Blaster

The model attempts to capture many of the details of Han Solo's DL-44 from Star Wars: A New Hope. The reference images I used came from blurry screengrabs and Lucasfilm archive photos online. The model is printed in many parts to maximize detail and ease of painting. Some parts require support and glue to assemble.

Notes (5/10/16):
The heatsink is problematic to print. I printed it sideways such that the ridges are laying on the printbed. I printed with PLA support material, but soluble support material will definitely help it print better.

Notes (7/03/16):
I added:

-Bolt Stop.
-Sight cap screw (print 2 of this to fix the sight to the slide).
-A modified slide with a hole to insert the bolt stop.
-A sight
-A sight sliceable measurer
-A lateral button for slide measurer
-A new grip with a rounded bottom, more similar to the original grips. Print 1 and another flipped for the other side.

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