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R2D2- Arduino core

 I created this design for my sister, I had the Pololu Round Robot Chassis Kit so I created all the parts according to it.

I created different versions of stl files, some have holes for sensors, it depends by what you want to create.

I ordered ultrasonic sensor to avoid impacts, bluetooth module to control R2D2 with my smartphone. (Online there are many apps, I have still to decide which one I can use).

The head has a hole for the led.

The base has a hole for an on/off switch.

I ordered a servo to move the head (but I have to test it, probably servo isn't enough)

I will use a module and a speaker to make it talk.

Most of modules are in travel to my house so I will keep updating this post. If you have any sugguestions or questions feel free to write me.

I used adhesive paper to finish the details of R2D2 so I added the stencils to make some details.

#update 03/03/16
I added the arduino code and the schematics for a stand-alone r2d2 (bluetooth version is coming)

#update 12/03/16

ok a new video, and a controlled R2D2 , probably more beautiful than before
new code and new schematics

#last update

App for Android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.heightdev.arduinobtjoysticklite&referrer=utm_s...

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