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E3D V6 30mm fan print cooling mount

*EDIT* Due to thermal expansion of the air in the narrowing canals, there is a back draft which can damage the fan. Also, there is a weak spot towards the shroud and is not suitable for small prints. I have redesigned the shroud to be much more efficient but does not assist heatsink cooling (which is not necessery if the metal infused filament flow is sufficient enough).

Fan shroud to be used with an extra E3D 30mm fan (one for the cold-end and one for the print cooling). The shroud is a clip-on and cools the print symmetrically.
The design is made to enhance the existing cooling of the E3D-V6 cold end (increase the airflow of the standard fan), and to cool the print in accordance with the height from the bed. The fan is made to rotate constantly at highest velocity. Most of the incoming air is drawn from the print below, while some is drawn from the cold end fan exhaust as it exits the heat sink. If the print head is near the print bed, the incoming air is warmer and as a result, the air blowing on the print is warmer. As the head to bed distance increases, the incoming air is cooler, and so is the exiting air.
 The model can be printed in PLA and if exceptional performance is needed, the "Blower" should be made in metal infused PLA filament (copperfill or brassfill work best) to help diffusing the heat of the flow-trough air. The design of the "Blower" is made so as it propagates the funnels, the air is efficiently compressed and cooled as the result (and looks cool :)).
Print at 0.1 mm layers, 30mm/sec, no support and no bed adhesion structures needed. The "Intake" is clipped into the "Clip" through the slit on one end and then the "Clip" with the "Intake" can be screwed into the fan with 2 provided screws (hollowed side facing the fan). The fan clips into the "Blower" and can be additionally secured by 2 lower screws. If not, then the 2 holes of the fan should be plugged to prevent air leaking out. note -The wires exiting the fan should be on one side of the fan (not on top or bottom).
 I use this mount made by Rai: Although I found that it is easier to work with if the design is mirrored on x axis

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