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UM2 Power Cord Holder

On two occasions I have went to the back of my UM2 and accidentally nudged the power cord and disconnected power. This is partly due to the fact that the power connector to the UM2 isn't all that secure. This version of the clip is to secure the power cord better than just hanging off the UM2. -I suggest when connecting the clip be sure to power off the UM2 first. -Clip the power cord into the clip. -Then attach the clip under the UM2 (as shown in the photos). -Then you can slide the clip to the position you want it. (the connections should be snug). -Insure that the power connector is straight into the UM2 power port. -Then you can power up the UM2.  This helps me, I hope it helps you all. I'm working on another version now.
This item is printed in PLA (material doesn't matter)The speed I used was between .15 and .2  (really doesn't matter. depends if you wish to see the 'UM2' on the front of the clip).I used speed of 45 ( you can use higher. I was experimenting)No support needed.I did not use a brim (I just used hairspray)I used nozzle of .6 (.4 is probably better to get the 'UM2' clearer).I used a fill density of 55. ( you can use less or more. I wanted to make sure it was just a little flexible.

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