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a petanque pocket counter

Hi all,

I got sidetracked here for a bit with this little object: a petanque pocket counter.

With numbers from 0 to 13, suitable to keep score in any petanque game.

The little trick I tried to pull off here was that the numbers needed to rotate, but with some friction so that it won't change when it was inside your pocket. This with as less parts and fuss as possible.
I did this trough turning the axis into a 14 sided oval (aligned with the outer 14 sided oval) instead of turning it completely round, giving the needed friction and movability at the same time.

Mind you though, I experienced that the axis still needed some sanding to get it into the right balance.

Other post processing bits: gluing the end part to the axis, give the wheels some color with a marker.

printed at 75% (scale)

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