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biljart/snooker glasses element

This is a concept to turn normal glasses into snooker glasses.

I haven't been involved with snooker for quite a while, simply because I don't have the glasses for them.
When you use normal glasses you always tend to look at the frame, or over it which results in a blurry sight, and awful results :-)

The other day I really fancied trying another snooker game so I went looking for some snooker glasses. They turned out to be rather rare and quite expensive. Simply not worth it when you are a casual player.

So the other day I came up with this idea to instead buy glasses, try using an existing frame and pull it more up, so that your eyesight won't interrupt your play.

There is a little slip in it where you connect the frame (bridge) with the element, for more stability. This probably needs altering depending on what frame you use.

I tried it on two frames I had still lying around (thin frames) and it clicks like a charm.

ps This is yet untested in the field :-)

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