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Spool and Feederholder

This is my improved Design of my old and basic Spoolholder Design.
Now it is featuring:
 -a more sturdy design 
 - Ballbearings for the Spools (recommended but not absolutely needed to be usable)
 -Fanholder for a 80mm Fan for the Feeder Stepper Motor/s (The Fanholder is supposed to be glued in or welded
 -  Material feeding in the natural curvature of the filament
 - Holders for the Motor in case you want to disassemble the feeder
 - Spool Covers so that the filament cannot unspool that far by itself and get off the         spool
3.2mm Shell and 3mm Top/Bottom thickness with 24% infill for the Spoolholder.
Rest with 1.2mm Shell and 1.2mm Top/bottom thickness and 24% infill

Printlist for the complete Set

2xSpacer big
4xSpacer small
1x Feeder fix
2x Spool fix
1x Fanholder
2x Spool Covers

And as always.... Constructed for PLA print.... should be print and usable with ABS too though.

Update 1: Added Spool Covers 

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