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Makibox hotend mount (4mm bushing)

WARNING: After extended use, I found more play than acceptable in this mount. There are uneven spacing in the infill pattern. Please stop making this mount. Will release an update after investigation.

The stock mount is two piece plastic riding on the smooth rods. Which glide pretty smoothly, but you have to tighten the mounting screw just right. The stock mount need lubrication, and I need to re-lube every few weeks. This may depend on your lube type and the humidity of your work place.

With this mount, I could print at relatively faster speed without lost of accuracy. Faster print speed means plastic stay inside the hot zone in a shorter period, so may improve the jamming occurrence by a little bit.

This mount use four 4mm self lubricating bushing, and the plastic mount never touch the rods. The mounting screw is tighten all the way, no need to loosen it a bit for smooth movement. I found this mount very smooth, but there is still a little bit of play of X movement near the far end of Y axis. This is due to the flexing of the long Y rods, and unlikely to be fixed with a smooth mount alone.

This mount is designed to clamp one bushing in place, but leave the other bushing freely sliding sideways to compensating for variations in rods spacing. Also noted this mount could rotate a tiny bit, but near the center of the hotend. So, it doesn't seems affect the print quality.

The bushing used do not have tight tolerance, I suggested to buy 10 or 20 off the net, and choose the four smoothest one for this mount. Clean off all old grease from your smooth rods before trying on the bushing.

The chamfer on bottom mount should face the heatsink, the chamfer on the top mount should face the flex cable.

There are screw holes on the top mount to allow easy attachment of fan.
2.5cm fan mount available here for cooling prints:

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