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Print it Forward: Learn to build a 3D printer for your classroom!

Our Maker Club designed this 3D printer kit.

Build Instructions:

Maker Club CTV Interview:

Students learn about technology by making their own 3D printer then are able to build and donate printer kits to other schools - printing it forward. The concept isn't new, we've tried to create a machine that is simple to build yet reliable. With hands on connections to Math, Science and Technology its a fantastic way to integrate practical learning into the classroom and build connections with other schools and districts.

We've had our hands full with this project for over a year helping out numerous schools. Originally we posted it on Youmagine for about a year ago:

This started as a riff on the original Printrbot and become something different. Posted here is the most recent iteration that uses hardware spacing from the Printrbot Play. We've recently updated the clearances to help parts print well on a variety of 3D printers.

We've had fun with this project, I hope you do too!

Demo Print:

Printrbot Learn Site:

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