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UMO+ Delux Mounting Assembly for RaspPi camera

I made this design to solve/address the following:
1. Clean looking mount for RasPi camera and lights inside frame.
2. Increase viewing angle of camera.
3. Light the print bed for camera.

I like Octoprint for viewing my prints AND taking time-lapse movies of print jobs. I did not want a camera hanging off outside of the printer, I wanted it to be inside the frame if possible. I also wanted to have light since sometimes the room is dark. I wanted as little hacking to the printer as possible (just a few drill holes in the frame).

SO this is what I made. When the camera is inside the frame it needs the help of a wide angle lens to see the whole print bed. I also decided to power the LEDs from the Pi to reduce the power supplies I would need.

There are a bunch of photos to show my process. I will try to add better instructions later.

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