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Pretty Good Bed Leveling & Z-Stop Kit for Makerfarm Pegasus

This is a kit to improve the Makerfarm Pegasus printer's bed leveling. It requires only an M3 bolt driver. It includes a set of nut/spring traps for the heat bed mount, and a Z-axis end stop which is much more accessible. I don't have a wooden heat bed mount, but I included a set of traps for one, assuming the mounting holes are offset in the same dimensions.

The Z-stop arm uses the HammerNut from CaptainObvious (, which makes this retro-fittable. No dissassembly is required to change out the end stop.

From the trap-alum or trap-wood STL file, you'll get:
1) Rectangle-ish nut & spring trap for the bottom of the bed (QTY 4)
2) Round spring cap for the top of the spring (QTY 4)

From the zstop-arm STL file, you'll get:
3) Long t-nut "bar" for the Z-axis adjustment screw, with two holes (QTY 1)
4) Angled arm for the end stop switch, with the HammerNut on one end, and a mounting spot for the switch on the other (QTY 1)

Assembly Notes:
Move your z-axis up a few inches to get some room to work.
Remove the original Z-axis adjuster and retain the long M3 screw. (I had a leftover t-nut in the rail, which I just bolted out of the way at the bottom.)
Insert the reclaimed M3 bolt through one hole of the long t-nut. No tapping should be required. The t-nut will be "pointing" up when installed, so be sure that the driver will be on the top.
Install the t-nut bar into the bottom of the x-axis extrusion near the X-axis motor, poking out about 15mm or so. (See photos.) Use a short M3 bolt to secure it into the rail using the hole in the other end of the bar. You should be able to reach the z-axis adjustment bolt from the top front of the motor mount area.
Next, secure the endstop switch to the angled arm. The switch should be on the side opposite from the HammerNut (see photos). This way, when the arm is mounted to the vertical Z-axis rail, it will line up to the adjustement screw we installed.
To install the switch arm, line it up against the vertical axis and insert the HammerNut into the slot. Rotate the arm to the right to fit the nut in place. The arm should extend out to the right, just above the Z motor. Secure the arm with another short M3 screw.
(This is one spot which could be improved.... The arm can't be torqued very hard. It should be okay as long as your switch works.)
Install the bed traps and spring cups. The bottom trap will hold an M3 lock nut.

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