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Tinkerlight Desk Lamp

This is the desk lamp design for the Tinkerlight system. It requires the lamp hardware kit.
Full details of the system are at:

The lamp hardware kit can be purchased on ebay at:

You will also need your own USB power source.

The desk lamp has a spare design with an H base and an arm that can extend from about 9 inches of total lamp height to about 12 inches. The shade pivots and the base includes two cord keepers. The spot lens in the kit may optionally be mounted for a tighter pool of light.

The light source supplied with the kit is a neutral white (4000-4500k) LED that consumes 2.25 watts (450ma at 5 volts).

The desk lamp parts will print on most printers without supports and a 6x6x6 build platform. ABS is recommended for its higher heat resistance but the lamp will work with PLA.

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