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Filament Trash Can

Maybe it's just me but I'm constantly extruding filament that I then throw at the trash can and it inevitably hooks on something on the way there and ends up creating a layer of plastic hair on the floor. Well no more!

It's not perfect yet but this little trash can does a surprisingly good job of catching and trapping filament that you drop into it's mouth. It also doubles as a holder for your tweezers.

I've sized it to fit on my Fabricator Mini (so 70mm diameter - 2.75 inches).

Prints in two separate parts. I didn't use a raft on the lid so as not to break the long thin sections.

I printed in PLA, but the lid might be better in abs so the little arms have more flexibility. Though for me the PLA has not broken (yet), I tried to make it thick enough to survive but thin enough to have some flex. I also suspect that the PLA does a better job of not grabbing the filament as you drop it in, where ABS or something flexible would have more grip and prevent the filament from going through the lid.

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