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Universal Ultimaker 2 Spool Holder

Now updated to V2. (changelog below)

The Spool Holder can hold spools with an inside diameter from 39mm up to 70mm and a maximum width between 95mm and 125mm (depending on the inside diameter).

Technical information:
The tread used to clamp the spool is a multi pitch thread (multiple starts, like a jar of jam) so the travel per revolution is 3 times as much. This makes putting on the nut easier and you don't have to make as much revolutions to clamp the spool.

Changelog Update V2: I made the tolerances bigger so there should be no more problems with parts that don't fit. I also improved the strength of the Threaded Cone V2 so it wont brake when you tighten the treads hard. This resulted in an increase of the minimum inside spool-diameter that can fit (was 33 now is 39).

In the "Files V1 (old model).zip" you can find the files before the update.
I also uploaded the .gcode files I used to print the V2 model. I know these files work on Ultimaker's 2 and 2+ (Maybe on the Ulitmaker 3 as well)

I used the Low friction spool holder by IRobertI as inspiration.

The Solidworks and step files are also available.

(this video is taken from the old V1 model, the new one works just as well)

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