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Makerjuice Easier Pour Top

This is a thread compatible replacement top for Makerjuice resin containers.

Makerjuice resin is fantastic, but the bottles... can be a little hard to finagle into your printer, and even harder to pour from without spilling all over. You could use a funnel, but that's another piece to clean up and keep track of, so I thought there had to be a better way. Hence this top.

The threads will print without support, and there's a gap between the bottom of the object and the beginning of the threads so even if you have dimensional accuracy problems with your first layer or two it won't cause problems.

The top will seal against the bottle, and the top's cap should be tight enough to seal well but not so tight you can't get it off, if yours comes out too tight run a knife over the tip of the bottle topper to shave off a few tenths of a millimeter until it fits better.

And don't forget to print it in something the resin won't dissolve!

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